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At SBC Case we harness the creative power of or in house designers teamed with our production floor experts to create solutions from the prototype to final production stages. During all stages of development we refine our products to provide the finest possible case products at a reasonable cost. This translates into better value and longer, stronger case life, not to mention contents that arrive at their destination safely, with fewer headaches and reduced risk. We make sure we understand your requirements completely so that our finished product performs the way you need it to. Our designs aren't an accident. They are a result of a controlled, creative process supported by years of experience.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are an integral part of most shipping and carrying cases. Proper foam protection is the key to protect the contents of any case, especially fragile and shock sensitive equipment. Through the use of cushioning curves, we can analyze your equipment specifications, expected usage, environmental factors and produce an interior that will keep your equipment functioning and without damage. We are able to construct these inserts using a variety of different methods such as die cut, CNC router cut, water jet cut or hand cut.


We build our cases to withstand normal abuse but occasionally shippers can damage them with improper stacking or loading accidents. Any case is vulnerable to the forklift-turned-weapon but we can help you if your case is repairable or not. We can get you going again quickly by repairing the case or constructing you a new identical case from our CAD drawing we keep on file of your case.


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