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Being located in central Canada, SBC Case is in a very good position to get your product to you quickly and at a reasonable cost. 

Every customer has a different shipping need.  We work with you to get your product to you when you need it.  Some of the issues we will take into consideration:

     - Your preference (if any) for a carrier.

     - How quickly you need your product.

     - Whether the shipment is going across an international boundary

     - The size and weight of your item(s).

     - Whether you prefer the shipment to be pre-paid or COD.

     - Whether you want the shipping price to be included in the price or separated.

We have volume discounts with our carriers and are happy to pass those savings on to you.  Or you may choose your carrier of choice.

We charge shipping at our cost without additional mark-up.  For international shipments we add a small brokerage fee to the shipping cost as we pay our broker separately.


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